Giordano Macellari - About me
Official page of the artist Giordano Macellari. Giordano Macellari (born December 31, 1962) is an Italian painter. In 1968 the family moved to Casette d'Ete, not far from his city of birth. He worked both as a painter and footwear entrepreneur until 2002, when he decided to devote himself exclusively to painting...
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About me

Giordano Macellari Artist Of Life
This is me

Giordano Macellari


At the age of 4, my mother asked me:

– “What job will you do when you’re an adult?”

– “I will do the artist.” –  I answered


A life marked by love for art, strong in him since childhood and grown at the side of the work.
Then the age of 40 years as a turning point. That passion is now bulky; it claimed space. It  could no longer remain bound to spare time.
So the decision to abandon the entrepreneurial activity and dedicate himself completely to painting.

A long journey to the end of 2002, marks the dividing point between the old and the new life, then the beginning of a chapter that gave him great satisfaction at international level.


Macellari creates works which is bound by a strong bond. Each painting contains memories; memory rooms will be reopened looking at  the brush strokes. Loved ones, significant events, important places in the canvas imprinted in creative nights.

His art is cast, inspiration violent, sudden impulse. In his mind he sees an image and feel the need to express that flash through brushstrokes. After the creative “raptus”, Macellari does not like to go back on what he composed. No correction, it is as if now the subject painted had taken his own life.


The woman is the most frequent subject. The sinuous sensuality of the female body are offered in multiple versions, with insistence and with originality. Even the more abstract series of his production, “My Universe”, through the use of circular and winding elements, tell the theme of the relationship with the feminine universe.

by Stefano Papetti


Giordano Macellari is the creator of the art project entitled ‘Today for yesterday’.

The project aims to recover works of art of the past. Following the exposure of Giordano Macellari, held at the Pinacoteca Civica Vittore Crivelli of Sant’Elpidio a Mare (Italy), curated by Stefano Papetti and with the participation of Antonio Santori (Councillor for Culture), in 2006 it was possible to restore the Marriage of Virgin, an altarpiece of 180×300 cm, located in the Church of San Filippo Neri (Sant’Elpidio a Mare).


Following the cleanup, which were conducted under the supervision of the Superintendent of the artistic heritage in the Marche, the restorer showed the signature Alexander Ricci firmanus pinxit 1801, son of the artist Filippo Ricci, a student in Rome of Francesco Trevisani.


The project ‘Today for yesterday’ also took place in the City of Montelupone (Italy). Through this project, the Municipality of Montelupone has received for free a work of the painter Corrado Pellini. Corrado Pellini is a Montelupone’s artist who died prematurely in 1934 at only 26 years old. The work had been acquired at the time by the Futurist Ivo Pannaggi, directly from Corrado Pellini. The heirs today sold this work (work payed thanks to the project ‘Today for yesterday’) which was placed at the Pinacoteca Corrado Pellini in Montelupone.


Giordano Macellari was born in Potenza Picena, (Italy), on December 31, 1962. In 1968 the family moved to Casette d’Ete, place not far from the city of birth.

Giordano Macellari in his home where lives and works